A trading experience cannot be a good one, without performing accurate trading analysis, mainly technical because it has to do with chart studying. The price is the key to success in financial market trading. The point is to procrastinate as accurately as possible, the direction of the future price. By evaluating the historical data, you will get past patterns and behaviours of the asset.

While analysing assets charts, you can create price charts that give you a clearer idea about your next move. You can identify the stability and volatility of the assets in the past and in the present, compared the value of the stocks with other assets, price fluctuations, price values before and after important events, historical volume and market capitalisation.

Technical Analysis

Trading with a tested technical analysis will keep you closer with success. Putting in advance clear rules for entry and exit trades is important to keep your trades under control. Understanding how economic factors influence the market in general and certain assets in particular. Trading is more than just analysing charts, it is also about managing emotions, greed and fear. Having the right state of mind to make cold, logic decisions is a strategic advantage.

There is a full set of tools in order to trade effectively. Not having and knowing how to use the right tools could lead to failure. A clear rule on the risk/reward ratio will prevent your capital to go on negative balance. Create a trading plan with checklists, rules and certain routine which will make you stay on the track during your trading activity.

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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is one of the main components of trading and investing. It can be applied to all assets and the beauty is that any information is available online. In order for you to not miss any event, it is enough to subscribe with us and we will send daily notification over the upcoming financial events.

Fundamental analysis can be used to analyse the economy of a nation by taking into consideration GDP, employment rates, inflation and monetary policy of the central bank. It can be used to analyze an individual company by looking at its financial statements of assets, liabilities and earnings, management issues and competition progress.

Fundamentals can be applied also to the entire industry sector by diving into supply and demand. Fundamental trading strategies tend to evaluate the fair value of an instrument by analysing the underlying influencers of the price. If the recent price differs from the fair value, it will eventually gravitate towards it, while the other factors do not change.